June 12, 2015

New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport (TEB) recently held its bi-annual Chief Pilot Webinar, which is now available for downloading. The webinar included participants from Teterboro Airport, the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey and FAA Air Traffic Control (both Tower and TRACON).

The presentation covered 2015 runway safety improvement plans, air-traffic procedures in use or planned for the airport, as well as future airport construction plans.

“NBAA Members and operators who use Teterboro would benefit from the topics covered in the presentation as they contain valuable information regarding airport runway safety plans, as well as new air traffic control procedures expected in the near future,” said Dean Snell with NBAA Air Traffic Services.

Topics included:

  • Runway Safety
    • Past Incursions
    • Mitigations and Objectives
  • Wake Recat
  • ATC Procedures
    • RNAV for LGA RWY 13
    • Chartered Visual Procedure for TEB RWY 19
    • RNAV (GPS) Y for TEB RWY 19
    • RNAV (GPS) for TEB RWY 24
    • DALTON 2 VFR Departure Procedure
  • Nighttime Noise
  • Airport Construction

View the full presentation.