Teterboro from the air

April 1, 2022

Weekend and night operations at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport (TEB) will be affected at times over the next 12 months as the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey undertakes a major rehabilitation of Runway 6/24.

The project, scheduled to start early this month and end in April 2023, will overlay and widen existing asphalt pavement, replace current aeronautical lighting with light-emitting diode fixtures, update electrical infrastructure, regrade shoulder areas and install pavement markings on Runway 6/24 and its intersection with Runway 1/19.

“Both Runway 6/24 and Runway 1/19 at Teterboro are essential for the smooth operation of this critical general aviation airport during peak times,” said Dean Snell, NBAA’s manager, air traffic service. “Runway 6/24 operations typically create fewer challenging complexities with nearby Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). For this reason, the port authority made the decision to schedule overnight and weekend closures, instead of one extended closure, to maintain TEB’s ability to accommodate peak operations during its busiest periods.”

“This means that aircraft operators may experience disruptions during the renovation of Runway 6/24,” continued Snell. “As with any flight planning, operators should ensure they are fully informed of the scheduled closure times when using TEB,” he added.

To limit the disruption of services at one of the busiest U.S. general aviation airports, the port authority starting this month has opted to conduct the renovation of 6/24 nightly between 2230 local until 0630 local from Sunday through Friday, with Tuesday morning extended until 0830 local. These closures are expected to be implemented throughout the entire 12-month project.

For 13 weeks between May and August, Runway 6/24 will also be closed for 38 hours from Friday 2200 local to Sunday 1159 local. This closure period will be reduced to 12 hours from Sunday midnight local time to 1159 local for eight weeks between October and November.

Single runway operations on TEB’s Runway 1/19 will continue when Runway 6/24 is closed during the project, except for six weekends between July and August and two Sunday mornings in October and November, when the airport will halt all fixed-wing operations for work on the intersection between TEB’s two runways. Helicopter operations are permitted during the closures.

Operators should be prepared for arrival and departure delays on Runway 1/19 during the renovation project, said NBAA’s Snell.

“With Runway 1/19’s interaction with Newark, operators should anticipate departure delays if on a south flow due to the complexities with the overhead EWR arrivals. Delays on a north flow are possible due to the single runway operation and the requirement to circle to Runway 1 off of the Runway 6 approach (ILS or RNAV)” he explained.

“If departing on a south flow, pilots may want to consider the VFR Dalton Departure Procedure, which reduces the spacing requirement with the EWR arrivals. NBAA recommends that flight crews be fully aware of this “pilot only request” procedure’s restrictions before seeking approval,” Snell continued.

NBAA will continue to monitor the TEB runway project and provide updates on its dedicated resource for Teterboro Airport.