Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs)

Temporary flight restrictions, or TFRs, are short-term airspace closures or limitations, usually due to movement of the President and Vice President, movement of various other high-level government officials, or certain special events. There are several different types of TFRs, with varying degrees of restriction.

NBAA has produced a TFR web resource to assist Members in understanding how TFRs are structured and what their impact is on business aviation. This is highly recommended reading for those wishing to understand TFRs.

In addition, NBAA Air Traffic Management Specialists, at the NBAA GA Desk, provide impact statements for VIP TFRs. These impact statements detail the effects that specific TFRs have on business and general aviation, including what airports and airspace might be affected.

The NBAA impact statements are available in two formats:

Notices To Airmen (NOTAMs)

The following list of high-profile NOTAMs is provided as a courtesy to our Members. This is not a complete list of all NOTAMs. Official current NOTAMs are available from Flight Service Stations at 1-800-WX-BRIEF or online at:

Notices, restrictions, and advisories may change at any time and without notice. Do not attempt any operation in the National Airspace System without first obtaining and understanding a thorough pre-flight briefing.

International Operations

There are two NOTAMs issued by the FAA containing security related requirements for flights operating to, from, within, or transiting the territorial airspace of the U.S.
Review information on the International NOTAMs.

Washington, D.C. Visual Warning System

This system has been implemented with the intention of reducing the number of flights unintentionally penetrating the SFRA and FRZ without authorization. The system utilizes highly focused beams of red and green light which can be directed at specific aircraft, warning them of their approach to restricted airspace.
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Additional NOTAMs

NOTAM FDC 0/8326 – Washington, D.C. Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA): Issued November 18, 2010

NOTAM FDC 1/1155 – Washington, D.C. Speed Restrictions: Issued January 10, 2011

NOTAM FDC 1/6386 – Leesburg, VA (JYO) Manuvering Area: Issued November 18, 2011

NOTAM FDC 9/5151 – Sporting Events: Issued February 10, 2009

NOTAM FDC 9/5145 – Disneyland Theme Park: Issued February 10, 2009

NOTAM FDC 9/4985 – Disneyworld Theme Park: Issued February 9, 2009

NOTAM FDC 4/4386 – Interception Procedures