Updated April 29, 2021

With President Biden’s private residence located in Wilmington, DE it is likely that there will be numerous temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) over the coming years that will dramatically impact general and business aviation operations.

Presidential TFRs are typically composed of two separate rings. The smaller inner ring normally has a 10-12 nautical mile radius. A second outer ring has restrictions between the inner and the outer ring boundary and is approximately 30 nautical miles.

Within the inner ring, general aviation arrivals are permitted to New Castle Airport (ILG) only if the operator has pre-arranged TSA screening at a gateway airport. Pre-arranged TSA screening is also required for departures from ILG during an active TFR. There are also no general aviation operations allowed to transit the inner ring.

View the latest VIP TFR NOTAMs.

Impacts to Wilmington, DE Area Airports

General aviation operations will be prohibited at New Castle Airport (ILG) and New Garden Airport (N57) while the TFR is active, unless there are TSA gateway airports established and the flight operator has set up TSA screening at least 24 hours in advance. The gateway procedures are typically set up when the President is in Wilmington for a few days. Details on how to arrange for TSA gateway screening is provided in the FAA TFR NOTAM.

In addition, due to its close proximity to the TFR, some approaches and departures for Summit Airport (EVY) may not be available while this TFR is in effect.

As of April 30, 2021, the gateway airports established for TSA screening are Washington Dulles International (IAD) and Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE).

Reroutes Due to the TFR

Due to the TFR location, there are several routes along the east coast that are affected. The standard JAIKE RNAV arrival into Teterboro Airport (TEB), Morristown Airport (MMU) and Caldwell Airport (CDW) from the south is not available when the TFR is active. For this reason, general aviation flights must file predetermined routes provided by the FAA when operating into TEB/MMU/CDW from the south and southwest.

Reroute Options from Florida and the Caribbean

  • Deep Water Atlantic Route – via VIRST Y494 YAALE YETTI Y497 SUBBS CYN GXU RBV V249 METRO
  • Route through Cleveland Center – via ROD KLYNE Q29 JHW LVZ4 and/or SVM J70 JHW LVZ4
NOTE: The Deep Water Atlantic Route is much shorter than the route through Cleveland Center and the better option if your aircraft is equipped and meets the offshore requirements.

Reroute From DC Metros


Reroute From Jacksonville Center, Atlanta Center and Washington Center