Updated June 29, 2018

There will be significant route impacts in and out of many of the New York City area airports associated with Bedminster, NJ Presidential TFRs. The 10-mile inner ring of the TFR lies just west of the New York City area in North-Central New Jersey. To manage the loss of useable airspace west of the New York area for general aviation operations, the FAA facilities will have to enforce required reroutes around the affected airspace when the TFR is active. This will affect both standard arrival routes and departure routes. Specific impacts along with the mitigation plans are noted as follows.

New York Departure Impacts

General aviation departures out of Newark (EWR) and the Newark Satellites (TEB/MMU/CDW/LDJ) will not have access to any of the five west departure gates (ZIMMZ, NEWEL, LANNA, PARKE and BIGGY). Flight Operators will need to file routes utilizing the north departure gates (COATE, NEION and GAYEL) or the south departure gates (WHITE or DIXIE).

General aviation departures out of New York La Guardia (LGA) and Westchester/White Plains (HPN) will not have access to four of the five west departure gates (NEWEL, LANNA, PARKE and BIGGY). Flight operators will need to file routes utilizing ZIMMZ (west gate), COATE, NEION, GAYEL (north gates) or the south departure gates (WHITE, DIXIE or BEADS).

The east departure gates (through Boston Center) will be accessible and should not be directly affected by the TFR.

Flight operators should note that the SERMN SOUTH Playbook route is recommended for flights operating to the DC Metro airports.

This picture illustrates the New York Departure Gates (in light blue) with the Bedminster TFR represented by the red ring. This is the inner ring, with a 10 nautical mile radius and a top of 18,000 feet. As a result, this cylinder takes up a lot of airspace.

Tower Enroute Clearance Routes

No tower eenroute clearance routes via SBJ (V3), FJC (V6 & V162), ETX (V30), BUSKY, SAX V249 SBJ @ 8,000’, BWZ @ 4,000’ and SBJ Overflights will be authorized.

Aircraft will be rerouted by the towers via: SAX COATE V188 LVZ (Destination) Alt 080/090/100 or via V16
FAA Northeast Route/Reroute Advisories expected when Bedminster, NJ Presidential TFR is active

  1. Flights destined to TEB/MMU/CDW from airports located in Atlanta, Albuquerque, Chicago, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, Oakland, Salt Lake and Seattle Centers — DOC
  2. New York City Westbound Departures (to include Tower Enroute Clearances) and Arrival routes into EWR/TEB/MMU/CDW from DC Metros and Caribbean (to include CAE/CHS/SAV) — DOC
  3. Philadelphia Departures normally filed over DITCH departure fix — DOC
  4. Flights destined to Boston Center airports from the South — DOC
  5. Flights destined to BDL/BED/BVY/LWM from Fort Worth, Houston, Memphis and Indianapolis Centers — DOC
  6. Flights destined to DCA/BWI/MTN/ADW from Boston Center and Eastern Canada airports — DOC

FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC) flight advisories will be issued during the TFR to outline required routes both in and out of the New York area. These flight advisories can be accessed via the two FAA webpages listed below: