March 12, 2015

The latest improvement in the FAA’s rollout of NOTAM Search upgrades is just a click away. Users now have the capability to create a user profile, making the search faster and more efficient for operators that fly the same routes consistently, or have certain airports they want to monitor for NOTAMs.

“The ability to create a user profile in NOTAM Search is a significant upgrade specifically requested by NBAA,” said Bob Lamond, NBAA’s director of air traffic services and infrastructure. “This new capability benefits operators that fly regularly between airports, or multiple sets of airports. By creating a user profile, information on preferences, filters, sorting settings and more can be saved, eliminating the need for operators to enter data manually each time they use NOTAM Search.”

The latest upgrade to FAA’s NOTAM Search is the second of four deployments of enhancements to the service. The first improvements, which were rolled out last November, included an enhanced route of flight query, new filters and an updated user interface. NBAA participated in the NOTAM Improvement Panel that provided many recommendations to be implemented by the FAA. The Pilot’s Bill of Rights, which was signed into law in 2012 and supported by NBAA and other aviation organizations, was the driving force behind the establishment of the NOTAM Improvement Panel.

Upcoming NOTAM Search enhancements will include the ability to search by procedure type and runway characteristics, and the ability for pilots to utilize the service on tablets and mobile devices.

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