May 26, 2021

Several taxiway deviations have been occurring at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, therefore the FAA has asked aircraft operators to take note of the operational surface incidents associated with Taxiway P5 (Papa 5).

The incidents have been aircraft deviating from taxiway centerline in the vicinity of Runway 22. A graphic has been included to provide a visual reference. Several aircraft have cut the turn short from Taxiway K (Kilo) to Taxiway P5 and have turned off the actual taxiway into the lighting structure. Once this happens, aircraft are unable to continue forward movement unless they are towed and/or airport operations temporarily removes the lighting obstructions. These occurrences have been more frequent during evening hours.

The FAA asks aircraft operators to be aware of the issue and pay close attention when transitioning to/from Taxiway P5.