Updated Jan. 23, 2020

To bring the FAA’s legacy NOTAM system in compliance with ICAO standards, the agency will “sunset” PilotWeb on Feb 14, after which operators performing NOTAM inquiries will be directed to the FAA NOTAM Search system. However, the Aeronautical Integrated Data Access Portal (AIDAP), which allows users to retrieve textual (non-digital) NOTAM and weather data, will remain active until June 2020.

Operators such as aviation data service providers using the AIDAP interface, are being instructed by the FAA to begin the transition to the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) program. Applications that pull information from PilotWeb will be transitioned to an FAA SWIM interface by June 2020. The SWIM system is part of FAA’s National Airspace System-wide transition in support of Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) goals.

“While the reliance on AIDAP is still being assessed, AIDAP is tied to PilotWeb,” said Heidi Williams, NBAA director, air traffic services and infrastructure. “FAA is continuing the AIDAP feeds until at least June. They still have to do a safety management panel on this system migration, but essentially for operators, the transition should be seamless.

“As operators transition from PilotWeb to NOTAM Search, and from AIDAP to SWIM, NBAA with the AIS Coalition will be working with FAA to solicit feedback,” said Williams. “Our goal is to work with all stakeholders to ensure that these transitions are smooth, and is in the best interest of preserving current business aviation safety standards.

“The FAA is being very responsive to industry concerns through the AIS Reform Coalition, and NBAA encourages pilots to use the new system and provide feedback to help FAA to make sure the system provides accurate information,” she added.

Williams added that “anyone who has been using PilotWeb will find additional functionality with the FAA NOTAM Search interface, as it is a system that has been out there a while and is not a new tool.”

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