May 22, 2015

The FAA has awarded two new contracts for flight-planning tools, which will enable pilots to file flight plans and receive the latest weather information online.

The contracts were awarded to Computer Science Corp. (CSC) and Lockheed Martin Corp. (LM), both of which will provide pre-flight services through the Direct User Access Terminal Service (DUATS) II contracts awarded earlier this month. The tools are currently available.

The services will enable pilots to access safety information on their personal computers, such as current weather conditions, advisories, notices to airmen, temporary flight restrictions and airport closures.

Other services available through DUATS II include the ability to see a graphic representation of a specific route, as well as being able to receive help planning trips during unfavorable weather conditions. Additional tools will be available to help interpret weather conditions, as well as plain language translations for help deciphering complicated information.

“I’m always glad to see new tools for our Members to use to make operating in the National Airspace System safer and more efficient,” said John Kosak of NBAA’s Air Traffic Services.

Learn more about DUATS II services through CSC.

Learn more about DUATS II services through LM.