March 12, 2020

Following input from NBAA and other aviation stakeholders, the FAA recently decommissioned its letter of authorization (LOA) requirement B034 for Part 91 operators seeking approval to operate under certain international area navigation (RNAV) capabilities.

LOA B034 was initially created to demonstrate suitable aircraft equipage to operate Precision RNAV or Basic RNAV/RNAV 5 routes and procedures most commonly seen throughout Europe. However, the minimum level of system capability for U.S. operators flying RNAV routes or procedures is RNAV 1 and 2, both more stringent standards than RNAV 5.

Further, Part 91 operators are not required to seek LOA approval for RNAV 1 and 2 operations, but rather be prepared to show compliance upon request via their aircraft flight manual or pilot’s operating handbook – making the separate LOA requirement redundant.

“Part 91 operators who are able to demonstrate, through manufacturer-provided and FAA-approved documentation, that their aircraft meet RNAV 1 and 2 eligibility criteria do not need to separately demonstrate compliance with RNAV 5 criteria,” reads the FAA notice. “Consequently, there is no longer a need for part 91 LOA B034.”

Brian Koester, NBAA’s director for flight operations and regulations, said the decommissioning of B034 is part of the association’s ongoing efforts to streamline the LOA process for business aircraft operators.

“LOAs remain a significant concern for our members, and we continue to be continually engaged with the agency through our participation in joint FAA/industry working groups and the FAST PAcE ARC (Flight Standards Transparency, Performance, Accountability, Efficiency Aviation Rulemaking Committee) on methods to further improve this process and reduce the burden on operators,” he said.

Other examples of NBAA’s efforts in this area include recommendations from the GA International Authorizations and Tabletop Exercises Working Group and the LOA Process Improvement Working Group. The decommissioning of LOA B034 follows the agency’s decommissioning of LOA A153, which was required for ADS-B Out operations outside U.S. airspace.

Review the order. (PDF)