April 11, 2019

The FAA is holding a number of public workshops on proposed airspace improvements in certain metropolitan areas, including Las Vegas, NV, Denver, CO and South Florida. This community outreach effort will highlight proposed paths and expected altitudes of preliminary designs.

The metroplex meetings focus on ongoing initiatives to enhance safety and efficiency of flights in busy airspace. These initiatives include implementing new routes with more efficient climb and descent profiles, reductions in pilot-controller communications and reduced emissions. The workshops will debut preliminary designs for performance-based navigation routes.

The South-Central Florida Metroplex includes proposals for Miami, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Orlando and Tampa, as well as St. Pete-Clearwater and Palm Beach. More than a dozen workshops will be held in these areas from April 15-May 2.

Twelve workshops will be held in the Denver Metroplex area between April 29-May 16, and the Las Vegas Metroplex workshops recently took place.

Attendees may ask questions of FAA representatives and submit written comments at the workshops. The public may provide written comments online for 30 days after.

“NBAA is representing its members in the FAA’s metroplex initiatives across the country and will be attending a number of the public meetings,” said Heidi Williams, NBAA director of air traffic services and infrastructure. “We strongly encourage NBAA members to attend metroplex workshops near their bases or other areas critical to their operations and to submit public comment with concerns or perspective the FAA might find helpful in their final metroplex work.”

The FAA has committed to reviewing and considering all public comments received during this design phase. After this phase, the FAA will begin the evaluation phase, refining the proposed designs and conducting environmental reviews required by the National Environmental Policy Act. At the end of the evaluation phase, the FAA will provide another opportunity for public comment and conduct more workshops.

Learn more about the public workshops, including dates, locations and times: