June 30, 2014

Because unique weather conditions are associated with summer, now is a good time for a reminder about a new online FAA safety resource that provides tips for pilots dealing with the season’s thunderstorm activity.

Launched by the agency in May 2014 with the support of aviation groups, including NBAA, the Got Weather? initiative offers information about a variety of weather-related phenomena, ranging from agency publications to news articles and other resources from across the aviation community.

For example, in addition to an FAA Safety Team fact sheet covering the basics about the formation of thunderstorms and operations near convective activity, Got Weather? also includes a comprehensive weather briefing from Professional Pilot magazine about downdrafts and microbursts.

Pilots may also test their aptitude for disseminating aviation weather reports through online quizzes such as “Aviation Weather Data: A Targeted Approach.”

“While many of our Members benefit from the experience of professional flight departments and the latest meteorological technology in preparing for adverse weather conditions, those using their aircraft for business should be aware of these additional resources as well,” said NBAA Chief Operating Officer Steve Brown in remarks at the unveiling of Got Weather? during the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering in Anchorage, AK.

Along with other industry associations, NBAA continues to support Got Weather? as a valuable, no-cost educational resource for pilots throughout the aviation community. More information about the program is available on the FAA’s Got Weather? website and on Twitter using the hashtag #GotWx.