May 24, 2016

TFR graphic

NBAA Air Traffic Services (NBAA ATS) is now publishing graphics to accompany their presidential and vice presidential temporary flight restriction (TFR) impact statements, known as VIP TFRs.

Each time a VIP TFR is published by the FAA, NBAA ATS examines the NOTAM and generates a narrative explaining the impact the TFR will have on business aviation.

Now, NBAA ATS is publishing FAA-generated graphics to accompany their narratives, after having gained permission to do so by FAA Security and by Jeppesen – the company behind the FliteStar software used to create the graphics.

“This is something that NBAA ATS has been working toward for several years, and represents a significant leap forward in giving members the ability to actually see the structure of these sometimes complex TFR NOTAMs,” said Jim McClay, NBAA ATS project manager. “The hope is that these graphics will enable operators to plan more effectively when flying in, or near, VIP TFRs.”

Another goal of these graphics is to reduce the number of operator violations of the TFRs. When flight planners and pilots are able to graphically see the dimensions of a TFR and see on a map the airports that are impacted, it becomes easier to avoid potential problem areas, McClay said.

View the new TFR graphics on NBAA’s 91.141 Impact Statement page. For each current TFR listed, there will be a link to the graphic just to the right of the TFR heading.

View NBAA’s online resource about TFRs.