Oct. 2, 2020

The Operations Approval Portal System (OAPS) is now available to all FAA operating segments, to provide more efficient and transparent operational approval processes.

OAPS provides air operators a checklist of required items for specific application submissions and allows operators – including Part 91, 125 and 135 operators – to submit, monitor and track applications for operations approvals. Through OAPS, the FAA can also share an application between offices, forward an application to a subject matter expert and approve or deny an application.

OAPS does not replace WebOPSS, but supplements that resource, and offers a more streamlined mechanism for operators to submit requests for letters of authorization (LOA), operations specifications (OpSpecs) and other approvals.

“We are hopeful OAPS will make the LOA and OpSpec approval processes faster and more efficient by keeping operators and inspectors on the same page,” said NBAA Director of Flight Operations and Regulations Brian Koester, CAM. “Operators will now be able to quickly submit applications and supporting documentation and check the status of their applications, providing a level of transparency to the process never available before.”

Koester explained Part 91 operators in particular often cite delays in receiving operational authorizations as a key challenge to conducting efficient flight operations. Access to OAPS will help operators stay informed regarding their authorization applications.

To use OAPS, operators must register for an account and then be approved for access. All OAPS users must have a valid FAA\ or EXC\ Active Directory account to log into the system. Those who do not have an Active Directory account must contact the FAA myIT Help Desk at helpdesk@faa.gov, 844-322-6948 or access the site at myIT.faa.gov.

Learn more about OAPS.