Updated June 8, 2015

The 2015 U.S. Open Golf Tournament will be held at Chambers Bay Golf Club in the Seattle-Tacoma, WA area the week of June 15 to 21.

There will be no FAA E-STMP air traffic slot reservation requirements for any of the Seattle-Tacoma area airports during the U.S. Open Golf Tournament. Each area airport will handle advance notification requirements differently. These requirements are outlined below.

The FAA has released an air traffic procedures notice to airmen (NOTAM), which contains specific operational details on preferred routings in/out of the Seattle-Tacoma area, planned traffic management initiatives as well as other pertinent information.

Review the FAA’s U.S. Open Air Traffic Information NOTAM. (PDF)

In addition, FAA traffic management initiatives are likely during periods of peak demand. These initiatives may include ground delay programs, collaborative trajectory options programs, ground stops and miles-in-trail restrictions. The air traffic demand, in conjunction with the airport arrival rate, will determine the delay assignment. When ground delay programs are implemented, operators will receive expected departure clearance times. Traffic management initiatives are more likely during times of IFR conditions.

Airport Parking Reservations

Advance parking reservations will be required for operations into Tacoma Narrows Airport (TIW) due to limited parking capacity. Reservations can be made directly through your FBO of choice:

  • Tacoma Narrows Aviation – (253) 853 7742
  • PAVCO Flight Center – (800) 645 3563

For all other Seattle-Tacoma area airports, reservations will not be required. However, it is highly recommended that operators contact their preferred FBO in advance to provide operational details.

If parking constraints do occur, operators can expect the possibility of ground stops.