2016 College Football Championship Game

Those with companies whose business could take them to Tampa, FL between Jan. 8-10 will want to familiarize themselves with the FAA’s new air traffic procedures NOTAM for the area on those dates. The FAA has released the guidance in conjunction with the NCAA college football national championship game, which will be held on Jan. 9 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL.

Flight operators are expected to file the standard preferred routes into and out of the Tampa area. Reroutes, if required, will be handled tactically by ATC.

The following airports in the Tampa area could see ATC traffic management initiatives if demand exceeds capacity in either the airspace or at the terminal

  • Tampa International (TPA)
  • St. Petersburg/Clearwater International (PIE)
  • Albert Whitted (SPG)
  • Tampa Executive (VDF)
  • Peter O Knight (TPF)
  • Clearwater Air Park (CLW)
  • Plant City (PCM)
  • Lakeland Linder Regional (LAL)

Please note that specific departure procedures out of TPA, PIE, LAL and TPF are provided in the FAA Air Traffic Procedures NOTAM

View the FAA NOTAM. (PDF)

Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) Expected

TFRs are expected around the stadium the evening of the game, which will impact general aviation operations. Complete details will be made available on this webpage once the TFR NOTAM is published.

Best Practices for Operators

  • Contact your FBO, and advise your scheduled arrival and departure dates and times to ensure parking availability.
  • Operators should file normal preferred routes into the Tampa area.
  • Operators should file normal preferred departure routes on departure from the Tampa area.
  • Operators should be aware of the expected TFR located around the stadium the evening of the game (TFR NOTAM is expected to be published no later than 72 hours prior to the game)
  • Operators should file flight plans in and/or out of the Tampa area between 24 and 10 hours prior to planned departure (the earlier the better).
  • If an FAA-managed ground delay program is in effect, operators can obtain their expected departure clearance time for their flight plan service provider or the FAA website. View the FAA website.