Updated Oct. 13, 2014

On Monday, Oct. 13, Chicago Center (ZAU) made a successful transition back to normal operations, and all NOTAMs related to the ATC Zero situation were canceled. Additionally, the significant and complex route structure required by the ATC Zero situation has been removed.  While Chicago Center has restored communications, the redundant communications systems are not quite at 100 percent yet. As a result, the FAA’s Air Traffic Control System Command Center will continue to monitor volume in those sectors and could slow down or move some traffic to reduce the potential for any issues.

According to an FAA press release, “A full shift of air traffic controllers returned to Chicago Center last night and resumed duties at their normal positions for the first time in more than two weeks. Nearly 200 of the facility’s workers traveled to other FAA air traffic facilities during the center outage and will be returning from those locations today.”

Traffic Management Initiatives (TMIs)

The ATCSCC could potentially manage ORD with a ground delay program (GDP) again today, but that will have more to do with weather than any residual Chicago Center ATC Zero issues.

Route Summary

As previously mentioned, the significant and complex required reroute structure due to the Chicago Center outage has been canceled.

Flight Plan Filing for Departures From Chicago Center

All NOTAMs regarding flight plan filing due to the Chicago Center outage have been canceled.

ORD Clearance Delivery

As normal

NBAA Air Traffic Services

During the ZAU outage, which begain on Sept. 26 with a fire that crippled Chicago Center, NBAA’s Air Traffic Services provided business aircraft operators with up-to-date information regarding the requirements for operating into, out of and through Chicago Center airspace. NBAA’s Airspace Alerts provides regular updates on TFRs and other air traffic issues. Learn more about the NBAA’s Air Traffic Services.