May 4, 2017

A major runway construction project at Boston’s Logan International Airport begins May 15, and is scheduled to last through Sept. 1. The first phase of the project will result in a runway 4R/22L closure between May 15 and June 23. The construction phasing is scheduled as follows

Phase One:

May 15-June 23: Runway 4R/22L closure

Phase Two:

June 24 – Aug. 7: Restrictions on Runway 4R/22L daily, with no departures off Runway 22L and no arrivals on Runway 4R

Phase Three:

Aug. 8 – Sept. 1: Complete Runway 4R approach lighting S=system replacement

Air Traffic Management Initiatives Planned During the Construction Project

ATC traffic management initiatives are expected during the project due to the reduction of capacity caused by the runway closure. During the Runway 4R/22L closure between May 15 and June 23, ground delay programs for BOS arrivals are likely between the hours of noon and 10 p.m. Departure delays are also possible during times of peak demand. The preferred runway configuration during the runway closures will be a Northwest flow, as it provides the greatest arrival/departure capacity (arrive Runways 27 and 32, depart Runway 33L).

Review the BOS Runway 4R/22L construction project FAA presentation. (PDF)

Review the FAA BOS Runway 4R/22L closure system impact report. (PDF)