Updated August 18, 2011

As part of Presidential travel, a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) NOTAM has been issued for the Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts area on August 18-27, 2011. While a NOTAM has been released, historically revisions are issued during the President’s travel.

Members are strongly advised to check NOTAMS in advance of any flights in the MVY area during August 18-27.

Review NOTAMs on FAA’s website

The TFR includes the following restrictions:

  • A 10NM TFR centered on the MVY VOR/DME will prohibit General Aviation (GA) operations at the Martha’s Vineyard (MVY) airport from August 18-27 unless the operator is security screened at MVY prior to departure or at a designated gateway airport prior to arrival.
  • A 30NM TFR centered on the MVY VOR/DME will have additional restrictions as specified in the Flight Advisory between the 10NM and 30NM areas from August 18-27.

Review the FAA Flight Advisory (163 KB, PDF)

TSA Security Program and Gateway Airport Information

GA Operators wishing to utilize Martha’s Vineyard Airport (MVY) during times when this TFR is in effect must comply with the requirements listed in the Flight Advisory. Operators must register with the TSA for gateway airport access at least 24 hours prior to the planned flight. Aircraft departing MVY during the TFR must also register with TSA at least 24 hours in advance of departure.

For gateway airport access (including all departures from MVY), aircraft must register at least 24 hours in advance of their planned flight by calling TSA at: 617-561-8031.

Operators who are arriving MVY must be security screened by TSA at one of the three designated gateway airports listed below. Aircraft departing from MVY must also be security screened at MVY prior to departure.

Gateway Airport Information

To accommodate aircraft arriving into MVY, gateway airports have been established by TSA at:

  • Westchester County (HPN)
  • Barnstable Municipal- Hyannis (HYA)
  • Providence Green State (PVD)

ATC personnel at each gateway airport will be able to direct operators to the appropriate screening location.

During the effective times of the TFR, TSA security screening will be available at HPN, HYA, PVD and MVY from 0600 local to 2000 local daily from August 18 thru August 27, 2011.

All passengers and crewmembers must provide government-issued photo identification to the TSA at the gateway airport prior to departure.  Aircraft must register for gateway access at least 24 hours prior to a planned flight by contacting TSA at 617-561-8031.  Aircraft departing MVY during this TFR must also register and undergo security screening prior to departure.

Special ATC procedures and routes to and from these airports may be assigned prior to departure from a gateway airport. Upon departing the gateway airport, all aircraft must maintain radio contact with ATC and continuously squawk an ATC-assigned discrete transponder code. Intermediate stops are not authorized unless an emergency exists.

Revised IFR Arrival Routes

During the TFR, only certain IFR routes are approved for traffic arriving/departing ACK, MVY, HYA and HYA satellite airports (FMH, PVC, CQX, PYM, 5B6 and 2B1).

Review the Required Routes (15 KB, PDF)

For further questions contact the NBAA Operations Service Group at (202) 783-9250 or info@nbaa.org.