Dec. 13, 2015

From Monday, Dec. 14 at 0700 local (1500Z) to Friday, Dec. 18 at 2200 local (0600z/19), ATC will assign an amended altitude with the Descend Via clearance for aircraft arriving via the DYAMD Two STAR (RNAV) into San Francisco. A NOTAM (FDC 5/0051) was issued in October 2015 against the DYAMD STAR amending the altitude restriction at ARCHI to 8000’ MSL; however, numerous crews have failed to comply with the NOTAM’S AMENDED ALTITUDE AT ARCHI. In response, Oakland ARTCC will issue the following descent via clearance to aircraft from en route environment: “[aircraft/flight ID] Descend via the DYAMD two arrival, except cross ARCHI at 8000.” Pilots should use proper Descend Via phraseology upon subsequent initial contact when conducting a Descend Via clearance that incorporates the ATC-assigned Bottom Altitude that is different from the bottom altitude published on the procedure (e.g. “Lear 1234, leaving FL240 for 8000, descending via the DYAMD Two”).

Oakland ARTCC and NorCal TRACON are conducting this week-long trial to determine if using a Descend Via clearance with an amended bottom altitude addresses crew non-compliance with the NOTAM and does not introduce other issues on the arrival (e.g. undesirable pilot/controller questions, frequency congestion, etc). To assist pilots in understanding this trial, NBAA is providing this short briefing on the Descend Via clearance on the DYAMD STAR and the phraseology pilots are expected to use when communicating with Oakland ARTCC and NorCal TRACON.

NBAA Briefing: KSFO DYAMD RNAV STAR Revised Clearance Trial (PDF)

Remember this test will automatically expire with no further notice on Friday, Dec. 18 at 2200 local (0600z/19). At that point the referenced NOTAM will still be in place and crews will be expected to comply with the “cross ARCHI at 8,000’” restriction without prompting from ATC.

FAA is amending the procedure in the first available publication cycle but that is not expected to occur for several months and the NOTAM will remain in effect until such time as that occurs. Depending on the outcome of the test ATC may again include the amended clearance from Center. NBAA will keep members apprised of the status of the DYAMD Two going forward.