March 15, 2016

Denver Center is now testing the Ground Interval Management System (GIM-S) for turbojet aircraft arriving at Denver International Airport (DEN) from the Northeast. This will impact arrivals to DEN on the ANCHR, KIPPR, KOHOE, WAHUU, LANDR and SAYGE arrivals, but will not affect arrivals into the other Denver-area airports.

GIM-S provides recommended speed assignments to controllers in order to assist them in meeting aircraft metering times more accurately, while also reducing vectoring and miles flown. If GIM-S performs as predicted, it is anticipated the test will be terminated, and these procedures will become the normal operating procedure.

During periods of high demand, DEN arrivals over the northeast gates may receive enroute descents at slightly greater distances than has been typical to allow for greater use of speed control. Altitude restrictions may be implemented for Denver arrivals from/through Minneapolis Center when delays exceed four to five minutes.

Denver Center internal departures to DEN will not see any additional delay over current operational practices. Arrival delays will be consistent with current metering delays.