Dec. 9, 2014

Due to recent runway incursions at Salt Lake International Airport (SLC), NBAA has partnered with the Utah Business Aviation Association (UBAA), SLC staff and the FAA’s Office of Runway Safety to assist in the development of a new hotspot poster.

The poster will educate and inform flight crews about the potential for misunderstanding the location of certain taxiways as related to the FBO ramp location. Recent incursions have occurred when aircraft have been departing parking spots on the transient general aviation aircraft parking ramp turning north, and the flight crews have assumed incorrectly that Taxiway K2 will connect them to Taxiway K (K2 runs between Taxiway K and Runway 17/35).

View the poster.

“It is important for us at NBAA to communicate potential safety concerns to our Members operating at and around airports that have had issues such as this,” noted Kristi Ivey, NBAA’s regional representative for the Northwest. “It is essential for us to partner with regional business aviation groups, such as UBAA, to truly understand the local operator’s position on these concerns.

“We appreciate the input from the SLC Airport and we are grateful the FAA Runway Safety Office worked with us to develop and publish this informational tool for pilots,” Ivey added.

Last fall, SLC officials announced they were taking additional steps to identify where Taxiway K begins and the FBO ramp ends, following runway incursions during which pilots leaving the ramp mistakenly thought that Taxiway K was part of the ramp and Runway 17/35 was Taxiway K.

There has been a history of runway incursions at K2, but incidents last year were serious enough to cause the Salt Lake City Department of Airports to temporarily close Taxiway K2 following the incursions onto Runway 17/35. The intersection was subsequently been re-opened after some mitigation measures were put in place.

Read web article: “Pilots Urged to Exercise Caution to Prevent Runway Incursions at SLC.”