Aug. 14, 2015

On Aug. 20, the Oakland International Airport (OAK) CNDEL and KATFH RANV SIDs will be revised and up numbered.

Due to a transmittal error, not all FMS and charting data providers were aware of those changes. The information has now been disseminated, but not in a timely enough manner to have the information correctly processed for the Aug. 20 charting date.

As a result, the KATFH2 & CNDEL3 RNAV SIDs will initially be NOTAM’d as “not available.”

The flight planning best practice will be for Oakland airport departures proceeding south and southeast bound to file the Skyline departure from Aug. 20 to Sept. 16. Flight plans may be filed with the correctly up numbered SID (KATFH2 or CNDEL3). Those flight plans will be accepted into the system and the Skyline SID will be substituted via automation.

Flight plans that are filed with the outdated SIDs (KATFH1 & CNDEL2) will be rejected by the system.

All systems will be updated and a return to normal operations will occur on the Sept. 17 charting date.