Sept. 7, 2017

For those needing to be in Las Vegas for business purposes on Sept. 14-18, some additional planning may be needed for operations at McCarran International Airport (LAS). Parking reservations will be required during this period and can be obtained through local FBOs.

  • Atlantic Aviation: 702-736-1830
  • Signature Flight Support: 702-739-1100

Reservations are not required for operations at Henderson Executive (HND) and North Las Vegas (VGT), however, contacting local FBOs and providing arrival and departure dates and times is recommended.

McCarran Departure Demand Viewing Tool

Through a joint effort between the FAA, FBOs and McCarran, a Departure Demand Viewing Tool (DDVT) will be available to flight crews, which will give them access to expected departure demand scheduled Sunday, Sept. 17. This online tool will provide flight operators with expected departure volume broken up into 30-minute time periods throughout the day. This will allow flight operators to see the time periods of peak demand and identify the time periods when departure delays are likely due to demand exceeding capacity.

Specific details on the Departure Demand Viewing Tool are as follows:

  • The purpose of the DDVT is to allow pilots the ability to predict compacted departure demands at LAS prior to arriving at the airport on the day of departure
  • This tool will allow pilots the ability to plan more optimal departure times in order to mitigate departure delays on the ground.
  • Upon arrival, pilots will be asked to check in with the traffic management desk at the FBO to provide an estimated departure time.
  • The pilot will be provided a business card with a website address for the viewing tool.
  • All tail number information will be kept private.
  • DDVT will be updated every 30 seconds based on scheduled demand combined with manually input general aviation demand. Red block areas on the viewing chart will show time periods of maximum departure output for a 30-minute timeframe.
  • Any plans to depart while in the "redzone" may experience departure delays due to throughput constraints.
  • If at any point the expected departure time varies from the originally estimated time, LAS requests the pilot simply call or text the phone number provided on the back of the business card to provide updated planning information to be reflected in the viewing tool.