Sept. 21, 2016

Runway 08/26 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is scheduled to be closed from Oct. 6 to Nov. 6 due to required maintenance.

Runways 7L/25R and 7R/25L will be in use during the closure, with 7L/25R as the primary departure runway and 7R/25L the primary arrival runway. During the closure, FAA ATC traffic management initiatives are likely during the times of peak arrival and departure demand.

The likely times for ground Delay programs for arrivals are:

  • Morning peak: between 1430z-1600z (estimated average delays approximately 20 minutes)
  • Evening peak: between 0000z-0300z (estimated average delays approximately 33 minutes)

After the 30-day closure of Runway 08/26 is completed, there will be approximately two weeks of nightly closures between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. local time. During this two-week period of nightly closures, a portion of the runway will not be grooved. Due to this, any standing water or contamination of 1/8th inch or more will result in a short notice closure until the contamination no longer exists.

It is recommended that operators monitor NOTAMs as the construction dates and times could slightly vary.

View the FAA PHX Runway 08/26 closure presentation. (PDF)