August 22, 2018

A runway/construction project will close Runway 16L/34R at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) beginning Sunday, Aug. 26. The project is scheduled to run 90 days with a planned reopening of the runway on Friday, Nov. 23.

The operational plan during the closure is to utilize Runway 16R/34L for arrivals only, with Runway 16C/34C to be used as the primary departure runway. Officials will adjust the arrival rates at the airport to accommodate the operational needs of the scheduled demand, and will raise the arrival rate during peak arrival times while lowering the rate during peak departure times.

The rates will be more favorable on a south configuration in VFR conditions, and least favorable when IFR on a north flow. Delays can be expected during IFR conditions with airborne delays of up to 15-30 minutes. Ground delay programs for arrivals can also be expected during days with IFR weather conditions with delays exceeding 60 minutes during peak arrival times.

Due to the availability of only a single departure runway, departure delays of up to 30 minutes should be anticipated during the peak departure periods.