The National Playbook is a collection of routes that have been pre-validated and coordinated with impacted air route traffic control centers (ARTCCs). They may be used in support of convective weather, military operations, and other situations. The routes utilized in support of the Severe Weather Avoidance Plan (SWAP) are located in the National Playbook.

The routes for the National Playbook are listed on the OIS and are available for printing. However, the routes are updated approximately every 56 days, consistent with charting dates. A preview version of the new edition will be available seven days before the effective date.

When the playbook routes are in effect, the ATCSCC will issue an Advisory with the details. Any pilot may use the playbook routes when they are in effect. The Advisory will normally specify the flows of traffic impacted by the advisory (for example, all departures to Chicago O’Hare from the west). This requires the pilot or flight planner to look at the fix that they are filed over in order to determine if the playbook route applies to them.

If a playbook route is in effect, but the route is not filed, ATC will issue the route either before departure or while airborne, depending on the situation.

The National Playbook can be found online at