April 12, 2016

A new, experimental Pilot Report (PIREP) submission form will be available to pilots and dispatchers, beginning April 12, which will allow them to submit their PIREPs electronically, according to the National Weather Service.

NBAA and NWS are urging pilots to register for the new service – a requirement before accessing the new PIREP form. The registration process takes only a few minutes.

“NBAA is excited about the new electronic submission form that should streamline the PIREP process, and allow the information to get to the FAA air traffic controllers and the NWC Aviation Weather Center (AWC) forecasters sooner,” noted John Kosak, program manager, weather, NBAA Air Traffic Services. “Also, it’s important to remember that PIREPs for conditions not meeting the forecast – or ‘null’ reports – are just as important as the rest because they help with the accuracy of the forecasts, which in turn improve the overall safety and efficiency of the system.”

The Aviation Weather Center (AWC) PIREP form will allow operators to enter their in-flight information directly into the system, which increases the number of PIREPs available to the NWS and FAA as well as the rest of the aviation community.

All PIREPs submitted through this format will be available to the rest of the aviation community via the AWC website. Additionally, PIREPs are used to increase the accuracy of the forecast products provided by the NWS. The final outcome is the safer and more efficient use of the National Airspace System.