Dec. 1, 2016

Business aircraft pilots who use RNAV to increase operational efficiency and reduce fuel expenses will benefit from a free Jeppesen-sponsored, NBAA-hosted webinar on system advancements at noon (EST) on Wednesday, Dec. 7.

In this in-depth RNAV refresher, Jeppesen Senior Manager James (Slim) Morgan will discuss how refinements in both RNAV capability and equipment now deliver better precision with more access to a greater number of procedures. He also will explain the recent advances in RNAV technology. Critical RNAV basics will be covered, and attendees will gain knowledge of how RNAV procedures are designed, providing a better understanding of coding rules, limitations and certain quirks of the system.

“In the ‘RNAV Revealed’ webinar, we’ll look at the importance of understanding how procedures were created, and why certain rules and restrictions are placed on flying them,” Morgan said. “Pilots often don’t have the opportunity to hear about what goes on behind-the-scenes in the RNAV system, and it actually helps to understand these details to increase safety and efficiency for both pilots and controllers.”

The webinar will present specific actionable information that can be utilized immediately.

“One of the biggest insights attendees will discover is what goes on in the FMS or other equipment used in flying RNAV procedures,” Morgan explained. “The webinar will discuss why it’s necessary to have the entire procedure coded in the box before you fly it, and business aircraft pilots will learn about the many benefits of the RNAV system to increase their confidence in flying these procedures.”

“Just as ADS-B is the critical building block for the FAA to move from ground-based to satellite-based surveillance, RNAV procedures are the equivalent building blocks for business aircraft operators to maintain access to thousands of airports,” added Bob Lamond, NBAA’s director of air traffic services and infrastructure.

Like other NBAA-hosted webinars, attendees will have an opportunity to pose questions at the end of the session. Questions may also be sent directly to Morgan at

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