Quiet Flying Is Good Business

NBAA has long believed that quiet flying is good business. NBAA’s Noise Abatement Program has been in existence since 1967, establishing objectives and operating procedures that have served the business aviation community well and have proven to be effective in reducing aircraft noise impacts and subsequently, community opposition to business aviation.

NBAA’s updated Noise Abatement Program was developed with modern aircraft performance and air traffic control (ATC) requirements in mind. With this revision, NBAA continues to provide operators with guidance to reduce noise impacts that is suited to the current operating environment, as well as new tools for aircraft operators and airports to address the noise concerns of adjacent communities.

The updated program includes:

  • Noise abatement best practices for flight crews.
  • Updates to NBAA’s “close-in” noise abatement departure procedure and approach and landing procedures.
  • Noise abatement guidance for other aviation stakeholders, including airports and air traffic control facilities.