March 7, 2011

To allow aircraft operators a simpler method for meeting European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) reporting requirements, Eurocontrol has launched a support program. For a fee, the ETS Support Facility will provide operators with a draft report of their annual emissions and records of their aircraft’s Eurocontrol flight data. These reports must be verified by an approved third party auditor before being submitted to regulators.

Operators that have submitted an emissions monitoring plan and received approval from their assigned EU Member state are required to submit verified emissions reports for 2010 by March 31. Requests for extensions in submitting the report should be directed to the Operator’s assigned EU Member state.

To use the ETS Support Facility, first create a “One Sky” online account. Detailed instructions on how to create a One Sky account are provided on the Eurocontrol website. A fee of 400 Euros (payable online by credit card) is due for the Aircraft Operator’s 2010 draft annual emissions report and associated flight data.

Once the registration and ordering process is completed, the operator will receive via email a copy of the draft 2010 emission report and a copy of the 2010 flight data and great-circle-distance kilometers flown by the operator (the latter will help operators prepare the Tonne-Kilometer (TK) report if they chose to submit it).

In 2012, operators will have direct access to the ETS Support Facility website and the possibility to download, comment or correct the draft report. For technical reasons this will not be possible for 2011. Remember that 2011 will be a transitional year in terms of ETS obligations, as the only requirement is to send the emission reports by March 31, 2011 (plus the TK report if the operator chooses to submit it).