Nov. 7, 2014

NBAA is hosting a free one-hour webinar on Wednesday, Nov. 12 at 1 p.m. (EST) to present the expanding requirements of the Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) submission mandates for international business aviation operations. The Jeppesen-sponsored webinar will be presented by Kate York, a regulatory, compliance and training specialist in Jeppesen’s international trip planning department.

“APIS requirements are becoming more prolific worldwide for both charter and private flights,” said Sarah Wolf, NBAA’s senior manager of security and facilitation. “Keeping up with the ever-changing international business aviation environment can be challenging, and countries frequently implement new APIS submission mandates or revise existing requirements.”

For example, the Dominican Republic’s APIS requirement technically applies to both commercial and private arriving flights, but officials there have not yet enforced the requirement on private flights. It is likely private flights arriving to the Dominican Republic will need to comply with the APIS requirement in the future, but no exact date is known at this time.

Also, Panama has passed a law requiring APIS submissions for in-bound private and charter flights, but there is no submission system in place at this time. Several other countries have implemented or revised APIS submission requirements in the past few years. With these ambiguities in the APIS mandates, it is easy to overlook a required submission, and penalties can be severe.

The webinar will provide the latest information on:

  • Which countries require APIS submissions
  • APIS submission processes
  • How and when to revise or cancel an APIS submission
  • Penalties for failing to file or making errors in submissions

“The world is moving toward APIS submission requirements for in-bound private and charter flights, and as more countries mandate these requirements, crews have to stay informed to ensure they transmit the necessary data,” said York. “Whether or not you use a third-party vendor to help you stay up-to-date with changing requirements, or use in-house schedulers or dispatchers to file APIS submissions, this webinar will provide helpful information regarding current and future international APIS requirements.”

The webinar is free to NBAA Members, but pre-registration is required. Registration includes participation for one site (one computer/connection) in the live webinar, a PDF copy of the presentation, PDF files of any additional materials and a post-event download of the webinar recording.

Register for the APIS webinar.