Dec. 30, 2015

NBAA’s Domestic Operations Committee has created a four-page NBAA Customs Checklists resource to assist business aviation operators in meeting Customs and Border Protection requirements at U.S. ports of entry.

“The challenge was addressing local policies and logistical requirements that vary among the CBP ports of entry,” said Ron Bojanski, CAM, Canadian operations manager at Midwest Aviation/Kiewit Engineering, who led the project. “Maintaining the currency of a document with the procedures at individual ports of entry would be impossible, so the checklist was created to assist members in making sure that they have considered the required customs-related items before they depart the United States.”

Bojanski’s fellow committee member – Jason Herman, CAM, a former aircraft dispatcher and current lead captain at Latitude 33 Aviation – proposed the development of the NBAA Customs Checklists to help operators prepare for trips and ask the right questions.

The reference includes a page of “International Operations and Customs Considerations,” an outbound checklist for flights originating from the United States to foreign countries and to the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and an inbound checklist for flights returning to the U.S. from foreign locales. The checklist also outlines additional regulatory requirements for Part 135 operators leaving or re-entering the U.S.

Noting that CBP policy often varies by port, the inbound customs checklist begins with, “Verify entry/exit requirements with every individual port prior to each trip, including any special notification requirements for weekends and holidays.”

To ensure a successful border crossing, the NBAA Customs Checklists should be used in conjunction with other documents, such as CBP’s Private Air Guide and the arrival country’s entry and customs requirements, said Bojanski.

“As always, good judgment and clear communication are essential when dealing with CBP,” he added. “If operators are unsure about anything, they should contact the CBP port for clarification.”

View NBAA’s Customs Checklists.