June 2, 2020

The FAA has released an Information for Operators (InFO) reminding U.S. airmen of their responsibilities to comply with the European Union Ramp Inspection Programme (EU RIP).

The EU RIP, which includes the EU Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft program, focuses on 54 inspection criteria covering crew and aircraft documentation as well as the condition of safety equipment. Non-compliance is tiered into three categories ranging from a minor deviation to a major impact on safety.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regularly reviews and analyzes the EU RIP database and informs participating countries, which includes the U.S., of any identified potential safety hazards.

U.S. operators found to be in non-compliance with a European ramp inspection are notified and

must address all findings within a maximum of 60 days, although EASA expects a response within 30 days, notes the FAA in its latest InFO message.

FAA InFO 20003 also calls on business aviation safety managers, directors of operations, directors of maintenance and pilots to familiarize themselves with EU RIP regulations by visiting EASA’s online ramp inspection resource. The InFO reminds U.S. operators they should be prepared for their assigned FAA principal inspectors to conduct follow-up surveillance to confirm the operator’s compliance with the European ramp inspection.

“While most business aircraft are operated in a manner that exceeds safety standards, NBAA members that fly to Europe should still be familiar with the Ramp Inspection Program and understand how to resolve any findings,” said Brian Koester, CAM, NBAA director of flight operations and regulations. “NBAA is grateful for the FAA’s clarity and transparency on the inspection process.”

Operators with questions or comments on the EU RIP InFO message are also advised to contact the FAA’s International Program Division, International Operations Branch at 202-267-0962 or email 9-AVS-AFSSAFA@faa.gov.