Nov. 22, 2016

Business aviation operators flying into Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) – the world’s busiest cargo gateway and a major air carrier hub – are experiencing significant challenges in securing the required inbound and outbound slots to access the airport. Aircraft parking also is difficult to obtain, even though parking must be secured before slots are allocated.

“It’s very challenging to operate in Asia, as changes are occurring all the time,” said Pat Dunn, NBAA’s International Operators Committee (IOC) Asia regional lead. “Hong Kong in particular has always been problematic, but the situation was aggravated last April when the airport authority started enforcing a hard and fast slot system and required both parking and an outbound slot just to get in.”

Dunn and IOC Chairman Craig Hanlon will discuss the constantly changing situation at HKG, and provide the latest information on obtaining slots and parking reservations, as well as alternatives to HKG, during a free webinar at 1 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday, Nov. 30. Sponsored by Jeppesen, and moderated by NBAA Vice President of Regulatory and International Affairs Doug Carr, the webinar is a must-attend for flight departments that currently operate at or have upcoming trips into Hong Kong.

“We’ll be discussing alternative airport options, such as Macau and Shenzhen, if operators are unable to secure parking or slots in Hong Kong,” said Hanlon. Some alternative airports offer cross-border ground or ferry transportation to carry passengers to Hong Kong, he said.

The webinar will cover efforts by NBAA’s and the Asian Business Aviation Association to expedite business aviation operations to Hong Kong, including tips on how to work within the system to obtain both parking and slots – both which can run into the many thousands of dollars. With only one airport in Hong Kong serving business aviation and an ever-increasing number of air carrier flights, access and airspace issues are going to be a constant challenge for operators. According to Dunn, the airport is in the process of revamping its ATC software, which may provide some limited relief starting in December.

The webinar will also address the upcoming calendar for Hong Kong events that could create further access challenges.

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