April 15, 2021

Ensuring safety on the journey back to full operations was the focus of a recent presentation by Doug Carr, NBAA senior vice president, safety, security, sustainability and international operations, during the China Aviation Safety Day 2021.

Carr’s discussion focused on the need for “refresher” training on international aviation procedures as international flying picks up and nations relax COVID-19 restrictions.

“Domestically, the aviation market in China has largely recovered more than anywhere else in the world,” said Carr. “Part of this is a recognition that while domestic aviation is back within China, international flying skills haven’t been exercised in a long time.”

While it’s unclear how quickly international aviation will rebound to pre-COVID levels, Carr said now is the time to prepare. “We need to be thinking about making sure that crews have dusted off their skill sets for international flying through tabletop exercises, additional simulator visits, getting back in the airplane on the ground and thinking through various procedures.”

Pilots also need a refresher on rules and equipment requirements, many of which have been updated over the past year.

“What’s the difference between domestic requirements in China and where I’m going?” Carr said. “It’s all those kinds of things that we need to make sure we are familiar with so that we’re not trying to relearn them while we’re in the air.”

The recent safety program was hosted by the Asian Business Aviation Association and the U.S. China Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP), whose goal is to find mutual benefit between U.S. and Chinese interests and increase aviation knowledge and expertise.

“Business aviation has become a priority with ACP in the last five years or so,” said Carr. “It includes core areas like policy development, airspace and airport development, and safety.”