Oct. 20, 2016

To address evolving ATC procedural control outside of the continental United States, the FAA recently issued the revised Advisory Circular (AC) 91-70B: Oceanic and Remote Continental Airspace Operations.

“AC 91-70B is perhaps the most important document for U.S.-registered operators preparing to conduct international operations for the first time,” said Air Training International Instructor Mitch Launius.

At 114 pages, the revised AC is 40 percent shorter than the document it replaces. And with its chronological format, the new AC is easier to read. The AC provides a template that includes general information for planning flights in oceanic and remote continental airspace, as well as specific guidance on the authorizations – such as performance based navigation and special areas of operation – needed for flights outside the continental United States.

AC 91-70B begins with foundational information, pilot training and authorizations, and the communication, navigation and surveillance equipment needed for efficient operations in these areas. It concludes with planning and executing the flight and guidance on contingency operations. A notable addition is a direct reference to the role tabletop oral examinations play in issuing new approvals to general aviation operators. Another significant addition is the appendix, which provides guidance on international manual contents and can be used to prepare for FAA tabletop exams.

Instead of providing information on specific areas, AC 91-70B focuses on common standards for operations in special areas of operation. Some of these specifics have been incorporated into the online reference guides for the North Atlantic, West Atlantic Route System/Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean and Pacific Resource Guides.

“Significantly, the online AC includes hyperlinks to relevant documents that provide the most current information,” said Launius. This will reduce the number of AC revisions because each of these separate source documents can be updated as needed.

In concert with domestic and international NOTAMs, these guides give pilots, dispatchers, and operational controllers the most current information possible.

View AC 91-70B.