BDA-PBN air chart

April 19, 2017

Two new RNAV arrival procedures and two new departure procedures will be implemented April 27 at Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport (TXKF/BDA).

The new STARs and SIDs were designed to help increase the efficiency in and out of Bermuda, and provide the required separation requirements during Bermuda radar outages. Bermuda does not have a back-up radar system. These procedures will also provide descend via and climb via operations.

The new departure procedures will be used only during non-radar operations. The new arrival procedures can be filed, but are not required when Bermuda radar is operational. If the Bermuda radar goes out of service, operators will be notified by NOTAM that utilization of the appropriate STAR or SID is required.

Operators should also note that some of the STAR transitions will be not available during a radar outage as they will conflict with the SID transitions. Details are available in the FAA New York Center presentation below.

View the FAA’s Bermuda RNAV STARs/SIDs presentation. (PDF)

These new procedures will also assist in improving the air traffic efficiencies during the upcoming 35th America’s Cup scheduled May 26 through June 27.