Nov 8, 2018

Pilots bound for Quebec City Jean-Lesage International Airport (YQB) will encounter changes to the airspace structure, which take effect Nov. 8. The changes impact every aspect of the airport’s instrument arrival, approach and departure procedures.

NavCanada warned that the updated mandatory IFR routes “could result in a greater flying distances compared to those of today,” but “ATC will seize every opportunity to reduce the flying distance using tactical RNAV direct routes in replacement of radar vectors.” This should result in equivalent or reduced flying distances “in most cases.”

All of YQB’s runways will have new RNAV (RNP) instrument-approach procedures, as well as updated RNAV (GNSS) instrument approaches. The ILS approach also gets an update. As of Nov. 8, multiple RNAV approaches will be available for the same runway. ATC will expect pilots to request a specific approach “by using the proper Z or Y identifier.”

New and updated STARs, new and updated T&Q airways and new RNAV SIDS complete the changes. Where possible, common waypoints will serve the ILS and RNAV Y and Z approaches. All STARs have interface waypoints with the RNAV Z, Y, and ILS approaches.

The updated RNAV STARs no longer depict altitude constraints at the GNSS interface waypoint, which allows for “multiple approach connection options (RNAV to ILS, RNAV (RNP), RNAV (GNSS)) while ensuring all FMC types can process the coded information without issues.”

View the NavCanada briefing document for an overview of the changes.