July 3, 2014

Are you prepared for the new requirements to fly to, from or within the European Union (EU)? The European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) recently published regulations regarding the new third-country operator (TCO) authorization, which requires commercial air transport (CAT) operators from outside EU, including U.S. Part 135 and other commercial operators, to receive a single EU-wide safety authorization to fly to, from or within the EU.

An NBAA TCO authorizations webinar on July 30 will feature Andreas Cordes, EASA’s team leader for third-country operators, who will discuss the new requirement, the operator application and EASA evaluation processes, along with many related issues. The event will be moderated by Doug Carr, NBAA’s vice president of regulatory and international affairs.

“We encourage all commercial operator members that fly internationally to attend the webinar,” said Carr. “The TCO authorization requirement has a broader impact than just flights to and from Europe. The TCO authorization requirement also applies to European Union overseas territories, including many Caribbean islands that are common destinations for our charter operators.”

The webinar will address questions regarding the application process and also give attendees perspective on how EASA will be evaluating applicants and authorizing future TCO operators.

“The application process itself is pretty straightforward,” said Carr. “EASA’s evaluation process, however, is a little more complex. EASA is using a risk-based approach to determining an applicant’s authorization status. The process can impact the length of time needed to obtain approval, so it would be helpful for operators to have a basic understanding of that process.”

The webinar will also provide an opportunity for attendees to receive answers to questions directly from EASA.

“EASA recommends TCOs apply for authorization within six months of the effective date of the regulation, which was May 26, 2014, in order to remain operating to, from and within the EU without limitations,” explained Carr. “Operators that are waiting for clearer guidance or to receive answers to specific questions should attend this webinar while they still have time to apply without negatively impacting future EU operations.”

Full implementation of the TCO authorization requirement is expected in two years. Operators that do not complete the application and receive authorization in a timely manner may be denied access to EU airspace.

For More Information

Register for NBAA’s July 30 TCO authorizations webinar.

Review the EASA TCO website and register for updates.