Sept. 2, 2015

An ongoing economic crisis in Nigeria has resulted in a dire shortage of Jet-A throughout the country, and business aviation operators should make adequate preparations ahead of flying to the region.

“Due to the devaluation of Nigerian currency, suppliers are not able to keep an adequate supply of fuel on hand, leading to shortages,” said Greg Evans, chairman of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. “In some instances, the supplier may be unable to provide the entire amount requested.”

Evans advised operators to provide service providers with at least 72 hours’ notice before flying to Nigeria, and to coordinate in advance how much fuel they will need upon arrival. Crews should adhere to a strict schedule, expect to refuel as soon as they arrive and have cash on hand as a backup.

If possible, crews should also consider tankering so they may depart Nigeria without refueling there.

“I have personally spoken with clients who have experienced this issue in Abuja, and we’ve had similar trips impacted in Lagos and Port Harcourt,” Evans added. “This is a nationwide issue.”

The situation in Nigeria is not expected to be resolved soon, as Africa’s largest economy grapples with recession and an emerging political crisis.