Sept. 18, 2014

NBAA’s Chief Operating Officer Steve Brown this month participated in the 27th International Council of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Associations (IAOPA) World Assembly in Beijing, China, which provided him with an opportunity to discuss with Chinese regulators and other aviation experts ways to advance general aviation in that country.

Brown discussed five key issues that impact the development of general aviation in China. These include:

  1. Limited airport access and expansion
  2. Restricted airspace access and routings
  3. Excessive regulation that increases the costs of operating in China
  4. Inefficient procedures that increase fuel consumption and emissions
  5. High taxes and fees that deter growth and investment

“The IAOPA meeting was informative from all perspectives, and the informal exchanges in between formal presentations gave both Chinese regulators, as well as participants, better insights into the options for change and progress,” said Brown.

During the conference, Brown was part of a panel discussion that addressed the airspace modernization and regulatory reforms that general aviation operators are pursuing globally, as well as specifically in China, where the aviation system is still developing.

Brown, and other speakers on the panel, noted that progress has been made on the first three issues, and they encouraged the Civil Aviation Administration of China officials to continue that progress and expand their efforts to address the remaining concerns.

“We were fortunate to be able to speak directly with Chinese regulators to help provide examples of actions they could consider taking,” said Brown.

NBAA will continue its efforts to advance general aviation in China, and expects these issues will be addressed at the next Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition, set for April 14 to 16 in Shanghai, China.