November 26, 2012

Last week, a group of industry representatives met with FAA officials to discuss concerns related to how contract check airmen and instructors employed by Part 142 training centers are qualified for use by Part 135 air carriers.

NBAA, NATA, and representatives from Part 135 operators and Part 142 training centers met with FAA headquarters staff to discuss how the industry can meet agency concerns without significant disruption to training operations.

The issue is an FAA requirement that all contract simulator instructors and check airmen must have completed initial training and qualification for at least one Part 135 operator at some point in their career in order to be eligible to provide services on a contract basis to Part 135 carriers. This standard has not been uniformly understood or enforced in the past.

The industry group discussed how individuals could satisfactorily document to the operators and their FAA inspectors that the required training had been received, how industry and the FAA could work together to facilitate training for those that have not previously worked for a Part 135 operator, and how industry and the FAA could partner going forward to resolve concerns over how the Part 135 relationship with Part 142 training centers can best be regulated and managed in today’s environment.

FAA officials indicated their willingness to provide additional information regarding acceptable methods to document prior experience and agreed to review concepts presented by industry on appropriate methods to qualify contract instructors and check airmen that lack the necessary prior experience.

NBAA will continue to work with the FAA to resolve these concerns. Operators impacted by this issue are encouraged to notify NBAA’s Mark Larsen with information on their specific situation.