The process of applying for a 135 operating certificate can be daunting to those who have never been through it. Starting a Part 135 Operation is intended to simplify this process and help operators understand what will be required of them throughout it. Based off FAA regulations and resources, this overview breaks down the types of 135 operating certificates and provides guidance on what may be required to achieve certification.

Download NBAA’s Starting a Part 135 Operation resource (NBAA members only)

This resource was prepared for the NBAA Domestic Operations Committee. The principal authors are Matthew Simmonds, FlightSafety International, or 972-534-3200, Mike McCullough, Aviation Resource Management, or 201-485-7875, and Steve Kiper, Crew Aviation,LLC., or 812-620-0834. This resource is general in nature and is not intended as legal advice with respect to any particular flight operation.