July 24, 2020

The latest iteration of NBAA’s biennial safety survey is the result of the Safety Committee and the Small Flight Department Committee combing their efforts into one online assessment of safety opinions and observations. The results will help the association develop safety priorities for the coming year.

The goal, said Safety Committee member Paul S. Ratté, is to get the most robust and diverse view into the safety perceptions across business aviation, while minimizing the time needed to respond through a single survey.

The participant’s occupation is the survey’s leading question, which “leads to questions relevant to that person” who may fly single-pilot, as part of a crew in a large or small flight department, or perform maintenance, dispatch or other supporting roles to business aviation.

“The question topics are the same, but each of them is worded appropriately to the occupational channel,” he said. “In the past, respondents found some questions didn’t have responses that made sense for their role simply didn’t finish the survey, which skews the results.”

When responding to the survey, “people should look beyond the current COVID-19 reality,” said Mark Larsen, CAM, NBAA senior manager of safety and flight operations.

“It is our hope that people dedicate the time needed to thoughtfully answer every question,” added Brad Lindow, CAM, of the Small Flight Department Committee.

The combined survey will also provide greater insights into small flight departments, which are a significant cohort of NBAA members, said Lindow.

“Because those in small flight departments wear many hats, we need to better understand their safety cultures and what safety management systems and tools they use,” he said. “With this information we can recommend or create NBAA resources that can expand their culture and enhance their safety.”

When the survey concludes, committee volunteers will tabulate the responses and share a detailed report of their analysis of the data.

Complete the 2020 NBAA Business Aviation Safety Survey.