March 18, 2020

A new Aircraft Disinfection and Cleaning Procedures guide is available to NBAA members in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s important for business aviation to put aircraft disinfection and cleaning at the forefront, given the current global situation with COVID-19,” said Tyler Harper, of AEM Logistics and the principal author of the guide. “A cough can produce up to 3,000 droplets and spread 15 feet from the person without covering their mouth. This has the potential of contaminating most interior surfaces, considering the size of business aircraft.

“Following each flight, and even during flight, it’s best practice to ensure the aircraft is fully disinfected and maintained,” added Harper, explaining the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes the virus can live on hard surfaces for up to nine days. “That’s why it’s so important that business aircraft are disinfected properly with correct products and processes, whether being cleaned by an owner/operator, crewmember or contracted cleaning service. As always, it is recommended that these services are executed by qualified and trained personnel.”

The guide includes a summary of CDC aircraft cleaning recommendations for symptomatic passengers and non-symptomatic passengers. It also lists PPE recommended during enhanced cleaning, including gloves, gowns and safety goggles as well as general recommendation during enhanced cleaning processes. View the guide.

NBAA members and professional aircraft detailers also shared recommended PPE, cleaning products and interior disinfection procedures. For flight deck and cockpit cleaning, the experts suggest using approved procedures and products in accordance with OEM guidance due to the delicate nature of instruments.

Several OEMs have published services news, special notices and advisories regarding COVID-19, including cleaning and other procedures. Many also describe safety precautions to be taken for and by visitors to OEM facilities. Gulfstream, for example, will query visitors and flight crews regarding recent travel and potential exposure to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, as well as the aircraft’s recent travel to high-risk areas. Be sure to check each OEM’s website for updates and resources.

“Business aviation can serve a critical role in containment and treatment of COVID-19 but we can only serve our organizations and our communities if we act responsibly, putting safety first and taking cleaning and disinfecting seriously,” said Brian Koester, CAM, NBAA’s director of flight operations and regulations. “Consult the new Aircraft Disinfection and Cleaning guide, as well as OEM-specific cleaning recommendations, to ensure your aircraft is safe for all passengers and crewmembers.”

NBAA members can learn more about purchasing cleaning and disinfecting supplies by contacting AEM Logistics at

Visit NBAA’s COVID-19 resource page.