June 17, 2020

Santa Fe Aero Services, an avionics and maintenance organization, has pledged a portion of its labor-related revenue to a northern New Mexico food bank. The donations will help locals affected by COVID-19 and the economic shutdowns.

New Mexico has been hit hard, with the second-highest per capital death rate in the Southwest, and now faces a spike in new cases.

“As pilots, we are blessed with the ability to take off, dance with the clouds and see the world from an entirely awe-inspiring perspective. And while we are lucky enough,” said CEO Ronald Tarrson, “we here at Santa Fe Aero Services and Skyland Aircraft believe we can also utilize this privilege to help those within our communities on the ground.”

Santa Fe Aero Services is donating to The Food Depot. The food bank typically distributes 528,000 pounds of food each month. The COVID-19 crisis and economic fallout has increased demand significantly. In April, The Food Depot distributed almost twice that: 1,003,962 pounds of food, or over 800,000 meals.

Santa Fe Aero Services and Skyland Aircraft have partnered to donate funds for COVID-19 relief through September 30, 2020. Fully 25% percent of labor revenue from annual aircraft inspections will be donated to The Food Depot or another New Mexican food bank of the customer’s choice. The company will donate the same percentage of labor fees for follow up work to correct defects identified in the inspection.

The repair station also coordinated with Jet Center Santa Fe to provide a discount on up to 50 gallons of fuel for pilots flying into Santa Fe Regional Airport to support The Food Depot.

Santa Fe Aero Services estimates $680 will be donated to The Food Depot for each 27-34 hour annual inspection, translating into 2,700 meals for those in need.