Nov. 6, 2020

Furloughs were more commonly used than layoffs to curtail costs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and of those impacted by workforce reductions, pilots felt the greatest impact.

Those are among the results of a survey on the pandemic’s impact on flight departments, which was conducted this year as part of NBAA’s annual Compensation Survey. There were 175 companies who participated in the COVID-related survey, and the majority of respondents had between one and 20 employees.

The good news: more than half of the organizations returned to work in June and are implementing a broad spectrum of approaches to accommodate employees and ensure safety.

NBAA’s Compensation Survey provides a valuable starting place for the compensation decision-making process. By surveying flight department s of all sizes, across the country, with a variety of aircraft types, the survey results can give a reasonable approximation of the marketplace.

The association is hosting a live webinar, at 2 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Nov. 10 to learn from industry experts on the practical use of NBAA’s 2020 Compensation Survey. Panel speakers include experts from NBAA’s Compensation Survey Partner, BDO, LLP, and members of NBAA’s Business Aviation Management Committee. Panelists will work through specific scenarios that reflect the most frequently asked questions by aviation managers and demonstrate the real-world applicability of the tool. Registration is made available to members who have participated or purchased access to the 2020 survey results. Register now.

Learn more about the NBAA Compensation Survey.