U.S. State Governors have implemented a variety of measures in response to COVID-19 infections in their states. These state-based restrictions change frequently and usually do not appear in FAA NOTAMS, so operators should review each state’s published guidance for the latest information.

In addition to these state-based resources, NBAA encourages operators to review all available information about their destination prior to departure. NBAA’s Regional Representatives can provide additional insight on the impact of some restrictions on aviation.

For the latest information from each state, refer to the to COVID-19 state resource pages below.

State NBAA Regional Representative
Alabama Greg Voos
Alaska Phil Derner
Arizona Phil Derner
Arkansas Steve Hadley
California Phil Derner
Colorado Kristi Ivey
Connecticut Brittany Davies
Delaware Brittany Davies
District of Columbia Greg Voos
Florida Greg Voos
Georgia Greg Voos
Hawaii Phil Derner
Idaho Kristi Ivey
illinois Steve Hadley
Indiana Steve Hadley
Iowa Steve Hadley
Kansas Steve Hadley
Kentucky Greg Voos
Louisiana Steve Hadley
Maine Brittany Davies
Maryland Greg Voos
Massachusetts Brittany Davies
Michigan Brittany Davies
Minnesota Kristi Ivey
Mississippi Greg Voos
Missouri Steve Hadley
Montana Kristi Ivey
Nebraska Steve Hadley
Nevada Phil Derner
New Hampshire Brittany Davies
New Jersey Brittany Davies
New Mexico Steve Hadley
New York Brittany Davies
North Carolina Greg Voos
North Dakota Kristi Ivey
Ohio Brittany Davies
Oklahoma Steve Hadley
Oregon Phil Derner
Pennsylvania Brittany Davies
Rhode Island Brittany Davies
South Carolina Greg Voos
South Dakota Kristi Ivey
Tennessee Greg Voos
Texas Steve Hadley
Utah Kristi Ivey
Vermont Brittany Davies
Virginia Greg Voos
Washington Phil Derner
West Virginia Greg Voos
Wisconsin Kristi Ivey
Wyoming Kristi Ivey