May 2, 2013

A one-day seminar before the upcoming European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2013) will challenge common perceptions about industry safety and best practices, and provide critical information and training related to human performance factors.

The EBACE Safety Workshop will take place on May 20, the day before EBACE2013 launches at the Palexpo convention center in Geneva, Switzerland. EBACE, taking place this year from May 21 to 23, is jointly hosted each year by NBAA and the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

“All of NBAA’s major events have a safety focus, and we have always maintained that tradition in our partnership with our EBAA colleagues in EBACE,” noted Doug Carr, NBAA vice president of safety, security, operations & regulation, who will be among the presenters at the workshop. “In addition to recognizing at the event companies in Europe with a history of safe flight, we’ll also spend a day focusing on a variety of topics, presented by experts, for enhancing flight safety in and outside the European theater.”

Human error is causal to eight out of 10 business aircraft accidents, making it important to identify potential risk factors. The EBACE Safety Workshop will include sessions presented by experts on the various subjects and safety methodologies, offering their insights, knowledge, critical information and training directly related to human performance factors.

Scheduled seminars will address a variety of factors, including flight crew professionalism, flight data monitoring, fatigue management and runway safety, as well as discussion of the industry’s overall approach to safety-related matters. Additional presentations will cover proper tire maintenance, and correctly planning for and executing procedures in the event of an engine failure. The workshop is not manufacturer-specific, offering information that is applicable to any aircraft flown.

With a registration fee of just $25 for NBAA and EBAA Members, the EBACE Safety Workshop offers a cost-effective and affordable training option for budget-conscious flight departments, noted EBAA President Brian Humphries.

As Doug Carr said, safety should always be in focus at business aviation events, and that’s especially the case in challenging economic times like we’re seeing in Europe today,” said Humphries. “When the economy tightens, it’s no secret that companies look for ways to save money. We want to ensure that operational safety remains the top priority, making attendance at events like the EBACE Safety Workshop more important and valuable than ever.”

The event will begin with the Business Aviation Safety Overview, featuring presentations by Carr and Humphries, as well as International Business Aviation Council Director General Kurt Edwards and Joji Waites of the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority.

Following the day’s safety seminars, an evening reception will include the presentation of the EBAA Safety Awards, recognizing three companies and flight departments for their attention to safe maintenance and operational practices.

For more information on the EBACE Safety Workshop, visit the EBACE website.